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Our Key People Approach

On starting Nursery or Reception Class, your child will be allocated a group of Key Workers. This is the team of people who assist the class teacher and who ‘check in’ on your child during their session and support them appropriately with their learning needs.


Key Workers:  

  • Settle the children into their session
  • Ensure that the care and learning opportunities always meet the children’s needs
  • Form attachments to enable the children to feel safe and secure
  • Liaise with Parents and Carers
  • Collect evidence to show children’s progress across all areas of learning, through observations of the children’s learning
  • Respond sensitively to your children’s feelings and behaviours and meet their emotional needs by giving reassurance and supporting your child’s well-being. 


The Key Worker approach enables children to develop a strong relationship with significant adults. It also enables each child to feel secure and cared for, helping them to become familiar with the environment and develop confidence and a feeling of security within it. 


The Key Worker will support the children to socialise with the other children and generally ensure your child’s welfare whilst they are in our care. 

Alongside the Class Teacher they will be involved in observing how each child learns through their play experiences, their next aspect of development and what their interests are. They will support the Class Teacher in identifying if there is any cause for concern or need for extra support.


Our Nursery Class Key Workers include, Miss Allardice (Class Teacher), Mrs Newman, Mrs Morris, Mrs Roath and Mrs Spooner.

Our Reception Class Key Workers include, Miss Clarke (Class Teacher), Mrs Spooner, Mrs Morris and Mrs Roath. 


At your child's induction session you will be issued with our Key Worker booklet. In this document you will be able to meet all of our Key Workers and find out all about their favourite things, interests and photographs of themselves and their pets.