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Religious Education

Worcestershire RE syllabus is used for teaching and learning in RE.


Develop a knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religious traditions represented in Great Britain;

Gain an understanding of the ways in which beliefs influence individuals, societies, communities and cultures in a global community;

Acquire a capacity to engage in a search for meaning and purpose in order to enhance their own spiritual and moral growth;

Discover opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development;

Reflect upon their pursuit of a set of moral values which will be a guide to their behaviour;

Develop a positive attitude towards people who hold beliefs different from theirs;

Consider how their own experiences can contribute to reflection on the fundamental questions of human existence;

Acquire investigative and research skills in order for them to make reasoned judgement about religious issues;

Develop and apply their cross-curricular skills to the study of religious beliefs and practices;

Promote a willingness to challenge religious, racial and cultural stereotyping and prejudice;

Encourage, support and promote good relationships within and between families, communities and religions.