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What Learning Looks Like at Cookley


Creating consistency between home and school is so important for young learners and we work hard to support our families to achieve this. Below you can find details below about some of the ways in which we teach and learn at Cookley to help give you a greater insight into how we teach and learn at Cookley and to help you decide whether our school is the right place for you and your family. 


Below you will find links to the current Nursery and Reception class pages, which will give you a flavour of learning at Cookley.

Class pages:






Phonetic development is an important part of Early Learning, wherever your child goes to school. At Cookley, we teach Phonics through use of 'Jolly Phonics.' In Nursery, children work on developing their listening skills, sound awareness, rhyme, alliteration, sound-talk and book-talk skills, before beginning Jolly Phonics sessions in Reception class. Linked below is a video which demonstrates the Jolly Phonics songs we will be using to help children learn and retain their sounds.



Below is a poster showing the way that we form our letters when writing in Reception. It is really important that children are encouraged to form their letters the same way at home as they do in school to help them embed these skills. Starting and ending in the correct place is crucial in preparing children to join their letters when they move into Year One. Before we write our letters, we spend a long time working on pencil grip, mark-making skills and on strengthening to muscles in our arms and hands, ready to write. 



When learning to write in Reception, we will be using aspects of the The Write Stuff approach to writing. This includes us learning about and using a range of symbols to help us structure and improve our writing. In Reception, we make use of the FANTASTICS symbols, shown below. These focus on using our senses to help us express ourselves, alongside our thoughts, feelings, speech and action words. Your child will become familiar with the symbols below as they embark on their writing journey at Cookley.




Below is a pdf of the number formation rhymes that we will be using in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to help your child learn to write their numbers.