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Year 1

Aaaarrrgghh Spider! 

We start the year off with a great picture book - Aaaarrrgghh Spider! With fabulous illustrations and a repeated refrain that the children can join in with, it's a great first sequence. The children go on spider hunts, looking for webs and real spiders before thinking about the activities that the spider gets up to in the story. Once the children have had a go at writing some sentences, they move on to planning their adventure for their own spider in school. Where will they go? Who will they meet? What will they do? 



Ever popular with the children, Stuck is another gem from Oliver Jeffers. The children work throught eh story sequence and focus on selecting effective language which matches the items that are continually thrown into the tree to try and save the kite! Children work hard on writing and engaging retelling before having a go at writing their own 'stuck' story to entertain their readers! 


The Queen's Hat 


This sequence is a new favourite which is perfect for the windy Autumn term. 


Firework Night 

Perfect for getting into 'bonfire' mood, this poetry sequence gives children the chance to have fun with language and describe the fabulous fireworks that light up the night sky at this time of year. They study the poem Firework Night by Andrew Collett and look carefully at its structure. After some exciting vocabulary collection, the children have a go at writing their own poems. 


The Jolly Postman 

Timeless and wonderful - two perfect adjectives to describe this fabulous letter writing sequence in Autumn 2. The children get excited about receiving letters from the various fairytale characters and use the non-fiction shapes to understand their structure. Once they've had a good practice, the children apply their skills to writing to a very famous seasonal gentleman! 


Grandad's Island



Wombat Goes Walkabout 



Toys from the Past 

A new book for 2021-22! Linking in with our History learning about the Victorians, children take inspiration from this text to write a non-chronological report, demonstrating the knowledge they have learnt. The children work with non-fiction shapes to ensure that their information is accurate and purposeful and use the lenses from the Writing Rainbow to bring their writing to life. 


Orion and the Dark 






The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty 



Walk in the Woods

Using our very own Forest School as inspiration, children examine the structure of a recount using a variety of non-fiction shapes. Writing sentences in chronological order and thinking about giving lots of detail to their reader, the children practise their recount writing before having a go at their own independent piece.