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Year 3

The Beasties 



The Egyptian Cinderella 




How To Make Bird Feeder  

The children begin by looking at a model set of instructions and then, linked to their Egyptians topic in History, write a set of instructions on mummification!



The Iron Man 




The Sound Collector

In this sequence, the children read and perform 'The Sound Collector' by Roger McGough and then use a variety of lenses from the Writing Rainbow to collect vocabulary and rhyme to write their own version based on Christmas - 'The Christmas Collector'. 



Stone Age Boy 




Skara Brae 

Linking into the Stone Age to Iron Age topic, the children focus in on Skara Brae and write persuasively to attract visitors. In their independent writing, children choose their own destination and create a persuasive holiday brochure. 




The Incredible Book Eating Boy 





The Secret of Black Rock 





The Wolves in the Walls 




How A Robot Dog Works 

In this exciting explanation text unit, the children learn about causal language and how to clearly explain how something works. They then have the opportunity to junk model their own robotic invention and explain how it works. 


The Blue Umbrella

In this romance narrative, the children watch the short film 'Blue Umbrella' and tell the story of the two umbrellas. In their independent writing, they continue the story and tell the reader of the umbrellas' new adventures.