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Homework 13.11.2023

Main Task


This homework activity will run for two weeks and is due Monday 27th November! This will give you plenty of time to complete it to a high standard.


I would like you to research an Ancient Greek god or goddess of your choosing. What are they called? What are they the god/goddess of? Were temples built to praise them? Did they have an important role in daily life? I would like to know about myths and legends, artwork, theatre and other fascinating facts relating to them.


Present your research in any way you would like! This could be a poster, a powerpoint, a video or in the style of a podcast! Don't forget that homework can be emailed in ( 




Activities have been set on Mathletics. These are chosen based on what I feel is most important for your learning so it is important that they are completed! If you have any questions or issues, please let me know.







Please complete one book and quiz on Reading Buddy! Send a screen grab of the completed quiz to the class email or print out a copy to bring into school.


Some children will be moving up to the next book band once they have finished their current reading book so the Reading Buddy level may be higher than you are expecting! They will still have access to all of the levels below.