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Art & Design at Cookley Sebright Primary School

Vision and Aims


At Cookley Sebright Primary School we value the importance of the arts provision to nurture the whole child. We believe that it allows each individual to use their imagination to inspire their creativity through formal and informal opportunities and through individual and collaborative work.  Risk taking is promoted as children discover and explore new techniques and skills, building on prior learning. Art and design promotes enjoyable, memorable learning experiences leading to individual achievements and outcomes.  

Progression of Knowledge and Skills

Collaborative Art

Collaborative art is an experience where each member of a community (group, class, school etc) contributes equally, helping to build social belonging. Shared art projects provide self-expression while promoting a sense of community bonding. At Cookley Primary, the children have taken part in collaborative projects as part of their own class and as part of the school community where we created our heart window. Different, collaborative whole school projects are planned each year.




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